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Welcome to Numerology Consultation Services with Astrologer Spiritual guruji Devaraj Krishna in Australia.

Consult the Numerologist To Know About The Number Game Of Your Life!!

Astrologer Spiritual guruji Devaraj Krishna has built his A to Z Numerologist Expertise and calibres as scientific pursuits that are devoid of any irrationality. For that reason, his counsels prove out to be the most authentic and there are no deviations.

People around the globe have given significance to the science and art of Numerology to gain success in life and alter the life events significantly. The ancient Vedic astrology believes that the celestial combinations of planets and the date and timing in the birth chart represent relevant numbers that are significant to life events.

Ancient astrological sciences have assigned a very important value to the numeric combinations in the birth charts and selection of name. Undoubtedly then, people have resorted to special consultations to select specific numeric balance that brings luck, prosperity and satisfaction to their life.

Astrologer Spiritual guruji Devaraj Krishna, The Professional Indian Astrologer Spiritual guruji in Australia provides the most precise and detailed evaluation for numerology consultation to analyse the numbers to make your destiny more powerful and bring stability in life.

Bringing transformation to the lives of thousands of people with the most accurate Numerological consultation, He provides you with all possible inputs to explain the perspective of numerology to understand your individual personality, the purpose of life and the timings to harness the best opportunities for an overall growth.

The Major Numerology Consulting are below

  • Personal / Name Correction Consulting
  • Numerology Marriage Compatibility
  • Baby Name Numerology
  • Business Numerology
  • Marriage Numerology
  • Mobile Number Numerology
  • Vehicle Number Numerology
  • Gemstone Numerology
  • Ruby Gemstone
  • Pearl Gemstone
  • Yellow Sapphire Gemstone
  • Hessonite Gemstone
  • Emerald Gemstone
  • Diamond Gemstone
  • Cat’s Eye Gemstone
  • Blue Sapphire Gemstone
  • Red Coral Gemstone

We make the best attempts to understand the vibrations in the numbers as they occur in your karmic cycle. The numbers attract the experiences, relationships and opportunities in your life.R

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